Web-development is what I do

I am a freelance web-developer focused on creating engaging web experiences. Creating useful and relevant user interfaces is my passion, and something I take every opportunity I can to further my own knowledge and creativity.

Based in Fife, in bonny Scotland, I have been developing web-sites since 1998, and like to challenge myself with each new site I work on; developing a new technique to work with or using a new technology. In this way I have become proficient in many web development and graphics packages, although my main tool of choice will always be a text editor!


As you will be able to guess as you look around this site, I am the author of several open source libraries and applications which are useful for web-development. These projects include:

  • DataTables
    • Flexible jQuery plug-in for HTML tables
    • Well documented, suitable for new and experienced developers
    • Building a strong community for developer support and plug-ins creation
    • Created plug-ins such as Scroller, KeyTable, FixedHeader and TableTools
  • Design
    • Suite of design assistive tools, as a Javascript bookmarklet
    • Overlay tools such as a customisable grid and rulers on any web-page
    • It really is incredibly powerful - Paul Boag
  • Conditional-CSS
    • Use IE style conditional comments inline with style-sheets
    • Target any browser with specific CSS to get around those awkward rendering bugs
    • Several feature identical deployment options: C, C# and PHP
    • It is as bomb-proof as wearing a steel hat in an concrete bunker - Andy Clarke
  • Visual Event
    • View events attached to DOM elements visually
    • Useful for debugging event driven code - particularly someone else's code
    • Works with YUI, jQuery, MooTools and Prototype Javascript libraries among others

Work with me

If you would like to work with me on a project, please get in touch and let's talk!

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