General EUSOG print | Run publicity campaigns to attract as large an audience as possible to musical theatre performances at a variety of locations.


During my several years with EUSOG I had the opportunity to design several publicity campaigns for different performances, including the posters and fliers. The first of these was Gilbert and Sullivan's 'The Sorcerer'. The poster plays of the magic potion theme in the performance by trying to emulate a roll up script with an appropriate font, while still presenting all the required information. The image in the centre of the poster is The Sorcerer as drawn by W.S. Gilbert himself.

'The Amazon's' is another show I had the opportunity to design the publicity for, which is about three young girls being brought up as men by their mother. The publicity went with the green theme that was used in the show, and used some of the original artwork that was used in the first performance of 'The Amazon's'.


  • Photoshop
  • Print design
  • Freehand
  • Sketching