J Paper Tech | Design and develop a prototype e-learning package for distance training in the paper industry and maintain the feel of the equivalent paper package.


The J Paper Tech site is part of a proposal for a long distance learning package. The primary aim of the project was to take a paper based learning package and make available on line with interactivity, so students could learn, at distance. To do this project I opted for a custom xml schema which is made from exporting the paper based learning into my xml document, which is the rendered by a php script. The advantage of doing this was that xslt could be applied to the document to get a suitable web-based package, or xslt and xsl-fo to create paper based learning from the same xml document, keeping the two in-sync from a single source.

The interactivity stems from the paper based version where you would write you name in a box. Obviously the paper doesn't need to reload when you do this, so I felt that having the web-page do that would be obtrusive to the user. Instead I opted for remote scripting techniques which send data to the server, has it process it and then the page will render the sent back data straight into the web-page. The big difference from the paper based version in this respect is that you can then change your input with out it looking all messy!

Also given consideration was the Self Assessed Questions (SAQs) and multiple choice quizzes. I decided to continue using the remote scripting technique here to tally scores and keep-a-track of average scores. The multiple choice quizzes include simple pick from the list, drag and drop elements and creation of bar charts, all of which are done through javascript.


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • XSLT
  • Remote scripting (AJAX)
  • XML
  • PDF