Pirates of Penzance | Create a final DVD and video from the raw footage taken at the performance and developing a title and credit video sequence.


I was heavily involved with the 2004 EUSOG production of the Pirates of Penzance, and this included taking charge of the video of the show. The video was kindly filmed and basic editing done by another student group and then given to me. The first step to producing the final video was to balances the cameras (four cameras, the colour balance on each one was different) to make the film as seamless as possible. I also re-edited parts and cut in audio from another night. A title sequence was required to cover the overture (8 minutes) and the credit sequence at the end. Finally mastering onto a DVD with commentary for the directors and other optional extras before distribution.

The software used for the video varies widely for the audio and video. For the video Adobe After Effects was used for the title sequence and Apple Final Cut Pro for the editing and video correction. Sony Sonic Stage was used for noise reduction and mastering of the audio.


  • Final Cut Pro
  • Sound Track Pro
  • Colour balancing
  • DVD development