Science Shop for Scotland | Create a simple but friendly site for users to find information about voluntary work experience (power by SpryPanel).


The Science Shop for Scotland site is design to very quickly and simply get information (text) across to the user. The site is for Action Connection which tries to help young people get into the voluntary section and they needed a way of communicating with the target audience while also engaging them.

To this end I decided to create a very simple looking web-site which draws focus to the content, while being pleasing to look at in general. In browsers which support certain features (Firefox, IE) I used ajax techniques along with Javascript interaction with Adobe Flash to load data from the server into the page with out a reload. To highlight that a new page is being shown, a flash scroll effect if made across the pictures and the navigation reflects the change. What was important here using ajax was to maintain the browsers back button and bookmarking ability. This was done by using the excellent DHTML History library, and I created a fall back series of pages which are used in browsers which don't support the constructs used by DHTML History (annoying that includes Safari).

The Science Shop for Scotland site is currently awaiting content input by the owner through SpryPanel.


  • Flash
  • AJAX
  • Javascript
  • Flash/JS interface
  • HTML
  • CSS