SpryCast | The SpryCast site sells internet streaming services and the main aim was to
develop an interesting interface which makes the client want to click everywhere.


SpryCast (developed for the SpryNetwork company) is a site I designed and developed by drawing together a lot of my web-development skills. The aim of the site is to sell broadcast streaming services such as Windows Media Video or Shoutcast internet radio. The market for this is those who are already web-savvy, so I felt I didn't need to hold back in any respect. I wanted the site to be visually attractive and entertaining, using the mentality of 'there is always one more thing to click'.

One request for the site from the client was that the prices and packages offered should be as easy as possible to update. For this reason the entire site is built around a single, and very simple, xml file which details the packages offered and the price points available. This can then be altered by the client uploaded and the content of the site is altered to fit. Interactivity is provided by reading this xml file and parsing it for javascript interaction techniques which will provide a price for the requested stream and a simple order form which will funnel through to the SpryNetwork payment core.

The busy feel of the site is given by they huge amount of content that is actually available along with the graphics. The illustrations give the site a relaxed feel while still keeping with the professional feel of the blue curves and gradients. Images on the site make use of the PNG format to provide true transparency, which requires a few hacks to work in IE5/6, but works beautifully to keep the gradients of the background graphics.


  • XML
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Flash
  • Javascript