Trial by Jury | Successfully co-produce a musical for the Edinburgh Fringe and create publicity which would standout in the crowd at the fringe.


The Edinburgh Fringe is a daunting place to try and sell a show with the multitude of fliers and posters for every show under the sun. In 2004 I co-produced the EUSOG performance of Gilbert & Sullivan's 'Trial by Jury', a court room musical comedy, with the eminent Dave Larking. Following on from the success of 'The Pirates of Penzance' earlier in the year I decided to use a similar format, but with more striking and vivid colours to try and make the fliers stand out in the crowd. The publicity uses the central theme of the trial by portraying the scales of justice, with money on one scale and liquor one the other to try and convey the humour aspect. The information in the bottom half of the poster if broken up by a set of jury chairs to lessen the impact of a large block of text, and also uses the familiar Fringe program style of shown the dates when the show is on.

The show was an outstanding success, selling out 12 of the 14 nights and receiving a full five star review from 'Three Weeks'. Since the show was broken into two weeks we had time to print another set of fliers with quotes from the review on them, which helped to complete sell out the second week.


  • Management
  • Photoshop
  • Freehand
  • Lighting